Biographie - Ing. Alexander PETZ, MBA

Born at the 1.2.1960 in Vienna / Austria

Mechanical engineering degree, 1985 (TGM Vienna)
Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)

One year working experience in Australia, Darwin Engineers



general manager of the Austrian Institute for Energy Economics

Since 2005

Consultant, the main clients are:

Key Qualifications

  • Energy marketing and management systems
  • Energy service systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Project development
  • Utilization of property rights

Additional Functions

Some Publications

  • Co-Generation in Austria (Federal Ministry of Science and Research 1987)
  • Economic situation of biomass based central heating systems in Austria (Federal Ministry of Agriculture, 1988)
  • National energy efficiency study for Austria (Federal Ministry of Environment Wien, 1990)
  • Energy efficiency potential of the city of Salzburg (Land Salzburg, 1991)
  • Accounting system for heat costs (Federal Ministry of economic, 1993)
  • Energy concept for the city of Brno, CZ (City of Brno, 1996)
  • National energy efficiency study for the republic of Slovakia (KWI GmbH, 2001)